Make a donation

Thank you for supporting us! Broomhill Community Library cannot survive without donations from across our community.

How to donate

There are a number of ways you can donate money:

  • Call in at the Broomhill Community Library and make a donation
  • Post a cheque to us - payable to Broomhill Community Library
  • By bank transfer from your account. Please email for the bank details. (We apologise for this long-winded approach - we have experienced a false direct debit being set up on the account and want to avoid that in the future).

You can also donate books and DVDs:

  • BCL offers a good selection of adult's and children's books for sale in the library, as well as our quarterly Bumper Book Sales. This is a valuable source of funds for BCL, enabling us to enhance the services and activities provided in the library. If you have any good quality surplus books you would like to donate, please bring them along to the libary or contact the library (0114 273 4276) if you have a large number of books for collection but are unable to transport them. Details of Book Sales are published regularly on the website and through Twitter.

If you would prefer your donation to go to the Broomhill Community Trust, please state 'Broomhill Community Trust' instead of Broomhill Library.