Support BCL


We raise funds to maintain and improve the library

Volunteers have been running Broomhill Community Library since October 2014. Sheffield City Council does provide some support to keep the library open, but not everything that we need. We raise funds to maintain what we currently offer and to improve the library facilities but there is always more to do! 

If you hear of any organisations offering grants please drop us a line and we will be in touch. Please be generous, every pound you can give will go towards our running costs. 

Thank you for supporting us! Broomhill Community Library cannot survive without donations from across our community.

How to donate

There are a number of ways you can donate money:


We are always looking for new volunteers.

So what could you offer?

Your library service in Broomhill is provided by amazing volunteers who are essential to keep the library open - both in terms of staffing and providing the library service but also in the background as Trustees, activity leaders, fund-raisers , administrators meeting to run the charity. 

For information about the different tasks that need to be done, look at our volunteer opportunities here.