Broomhill Library was opened in September 1957 as part of the library service in Sheffield and ran successfully for over 50 years. After a review in 2014 the council decided that it could no longer fully support all its libraries and it seemed that Broomhill Library would close. The council then offered funding for volunteers to take over running the library and Broomhill Community Library was born.

Broomhill Community Library Ltd is a company limited by guarantee (registered number 9214255) and is run as a not for profit organisation. Volunteers work in the library to keep it operating as a library, but they also do a whole host of other essential tasks, such as gardening, fundraising, providing the ICT, decorating, producing the newsletter.... see our Volunteer! section for more details.

Broomhill Community Trust is a Charity Incorporated Organisation (registered number 1176562) which was formed in January 2018. Its function is to raise funds to upgrade the library building and to restore the heritage garden. The building as you may know is a Victorian villa, without many of the 'essential' features of modern living. This means that the building needs to be developed in order to make it accessible to all users. The garden was originally designed for Arthur Lee who owned the villa in the late 1920s/30s. It was designed by Percy Cane who went on to design gardens in much grander settings, such as Falkand Palace, Dartington Hall, Anna Pavlova's garden in Hampstead and the grounds of the Jubilee Palace of Haile Selassie the Emperor of Ethiopia, in Addis Ababa. To do this we make applications for grant funding.

Many local people recall sitting reading or having their lunch in the garden, enjoying the oasis of tranquility in the otherwise busy Broomhill. Our aim is to restore the garden so that future generations can also experience the quietude and delights of the garden. We have a long way to go!

Both BCL and BCT are governed by a Board of Trustees, with some Trustees sitting on both boards. They meet monthly for general meetings and as required in between for the various different aspects of the development work.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Trustee, please email trustees@broomhill-library.org.uk